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Presentation Design Sample, PowerPoint Outsourcing, Our services include all aspects of presentation design and development. We also service some areas of corporate publishing based on Microsoft Office and Open Office platform. We have the expertise and experience on Office Productivity Suites and a wide array of e-discovery review tools. Presentit is a specialized company focused on designing corporate presentations in order to drive efficiencies and effectiveness. Our solutions in powerpoint outsourcing include Slide transitions (e.g. from one template to another), Font size change and sizing, Color scheme adaptations, Text and layout alignment, Graphic / diagram enhancement, Re-drawing of graphics not printable / ill-formatted, Custom Animations, Image / photo editing and enhancement, Enhancement of existing template design, Multi media file inclusion, Print setting optimization, File size optimization, PowerPoint Production, Services, Corporate PowerPoint, Template Design, McKinsey's graphic team, Corporate Presentation Design,
With Presentit you can expand the hours of presentation support apart from increasing the quality of presentation output. We help clients reduce costs and improve productivity by outsourcing their presentation work to our offshore delivery center in India. With our only focus on PowerPoint and the office productivity suite we can help you meet deadlines on corporate presentations, investor presentations, sales presentation and presentations for tradeshows, colleges, seminars etc., We have strong quality processes and our adherence to standard operating proceduces (SOPs) help you reduce human resources risks, even while having access to the best of the presentations.

Presentation design for the peroleum sector, Global Oil Reserves, Growth of Petroleum, Gasoline, Disel and other Petrochemical Products in World. visual representations of information, data or knowledge — are often used to support information, strengthen it and present it within a provoking and sensitive context, It doesn’t mean that data visualization needs to look boring to be functional or extremely sophisticated to look beautiful. To convey ideas effectively, both aesthetic form and functionality need to go hand in hand, providing insights into a rather sparse and complex data set by communicating its key-aspects in a more intuitive way.

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investor presentation plays a major role in how a company is viewed by the investors. Yet we never cease to be amazed by the poor quality of many investor presentations use visuals, it is often spreadsheets or complex charts. Presentit provides investor presentation services to global corporations.  Sharpen your message. Save time, Save efforts, Appear professional, - Save money, Increase your  communication, Improve funding probabilit

Corporate Publishing
Corporate Publishing refers to the uniform internal and external, journalistically processed information about a company from all possible communication channels (offline, online, mobile) through which a company with its various target continuously / periodically communicated. In addition to retail are also employees, distributors, suppliers, shareholders, etc. relevant target groups, with the company for interesting information. The origin of the Corporate Publishing is in print magazines. Hierzu zählen in erster Linie Kundenzeitschriften , Mitarbeiterzeitschriften und Mitgliederzeitschriften . These include primarily customer magazines, journals employees and members journals. Press releases can be a fabulous tool for business promotion ... IF they are properly written and presented. A problem occurs because most people are not aware of the special requirements of press releases. See what the competition and other companies aredoing and start reading press releases to see which releases are effective and which aren’t. Go to and watch the press releases flow. Just like advertisements, press releases must be placed in strategic areas.Get a list of media and media contacts for your releases. Also, email your press release to the appropriate person at individual magazines, newspapers and Web sites. Target those that would be read by your customers. Be sure to find the correct name and email address for the reporter who handles stories related to your business.  In 2000 there were just a study. Heute sind es knapp 40 Studien und Leserbefragungen, die die Wirkung einzelner Kundenmagazine oder ganzer Magazingruppen beweisen. Today there are almost 40 studies and reader surveys, the impact of individual clients or entire magazine groups magazine show. Es sind Markt-Media-Studien, Branchenstudien und Leser-Struktur-Analysen. There are market-media studies, industry studies and reader-structure analysis. Hinzu kommen umfangreiche, vergleichende Wirkungsstudien des Marktforschungsinstituts TNS Emnid. In addition, extensive comparative studies of the effect of market research institute TNS Emnid. Diese von border=

Microsoft® Word™ Compliant

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Employee Newsletter in Editable MS Word Format
Inksaver, Greyscale Design. Distribute as PDF and Print on-demand.
Employee Newsletter in Editable MS Word Format

Brand Identity Design & Corporate Publishing

School Design
Visiting Card, Brand Identity Design

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