Twitter for small businesses

Twitter is a "micro-blogging" service. and it claims to answer a simple question "What are you doing now?". Twitter is compatible with mobile phones and devoted tweeters use this quite often. If your customers or prospects are on twitter, then you will be missing a lot if you are not there. Many people may argue that twitter is a stupid service, but in fact it has taken the web world by storm. Its basically a mash-up between a social networking site, a chat room and an Instant messenger.

Ideas for How to use twitter?
  • Engage with the audience; Social media helps you converse with your customers, prospects and general public. So you can build a network of your customers and prospects to connect with them occasionally.
  • Twitter saves time as you can type a max of 140 characters, so your message to your audience has to be short and sweet
  • Generally people include a link to the website or blog with a tweet to give more information about that update
  • You can announce special offers, deals and sales
  • If you are participating in a trade-show, or running a event at your local business then just announce it on twitter and let the whole world know.
  • You can promote your cause by sharing with your fellow members some articles, blog posts or news items that are interest to you or your business.

Very recently Google has acquired Jaiku - you can try that as well. Effectiveness of twitter is very qualitative, it may not directly increase your sales. But yes, it gives a lot of publicity and if your tweets are really interesting and informative then you may see some more hits comming to your website.

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