The safe fonts of PowerPoint

Fonts play an important role in successful communication. People have their preference for fonts, so most of us make this common mistake of choosing a favorite font for PowerPoint when we know that, it could be shared with others in orginal .ppt or .pptx format. If you share your presentation slides in PDF format, then it doesn't matter as to what font you use.

San-Serif fonts are recommended for PowerPoint slides. Serif fonts have a long history; they are popular since the times of Gutenberg. They were designed to be used in documents with lot of texts. Serif fonts are considered to be easily readable at small sizes as well. Over a period of time designers have come up with a lot of fusion fonts that combine features of both serif and sans-serif fonts. But it is always recommended to use "Safe-Fonts". If you are going to share the presentation deck with colleagues, friends or participants in editable format (.ppt / .pptx or .pps / .ppsx) file format then it’s better to use the fonts that are also available with them.

For example if you are using Gill Sans MS as the font for your slide, then the slide will look different in your colleague’s computer if does not have the said font installed on the computer. Following are set of default fonts that you can choose from.

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Choosing a "Safe-font" for your presentation will ensure that it looks same in all the computers (in open format). If you choose to share your deck in .pdf format, then any font will make no difference.
But the type-face is still a big question.

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