Investor Relations - Podcasting your IR Conference Calls and Investor Presentation. (Social Media & IR)

A survey conducted by usability expert Jakob Nielsen revealed that Institutional Investors, Financial Analysts and Journalists never rely on financial information provided by the company. They instead use professional services like Bloomberg, Reuters and First Call to download financial data into their modeling tools for further analysis.

However they (including individual investors) often visit the Investor Section to check for latest information disclosed by the company and to understand company’s own story and investment opportunities.

Investor presentations, Earnings updates and conference calls are some of the important elements in any IR section of the website. Most of the companies (especially in the west) use iTunes as a platform for distributing audio files, again it has its pros and cons. With increasing online penetration and bandwidth access, companies can make use of popular social networking platforms to disseminate information.
  • Investor Relations Presentation:
    The most common option available is to download file as a PDF or in PowerPoint format.
    Solution: Apart from this you can upload your presentations to popular presentation sharing networks and then embed it on the webpage. So without downloading any file, the user can go through the information like any other presentation running on the web.
    Tools: Google Docs, Think Free Office, SlideShare

  • Earning update conference calls:
    The most common option available is the transcript, apart from transcript can you give the user a real experience of listening to the audio without any encumbrance. The common option that we see is the ability to download audio files in MP3 format.
    Solution: Yahoo! Media Player has simplified the process by giving the option of playing the audio file on the web page itself. The best part is, user does not require media player (so issues related to Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real etc will not arise) a flash based media players plays MP3 file in a simple way.

  • Investor Presentation videos:
    It is quite rare that video presentations are made available to users. But with YouTube! you can easily broadcast your IR videos. Just embed the video on the webpage with the help of YouTube and let the user go through it at his own ease.
Companies can go still further and leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter for dissemination of information. But its all dependent on the company’s policy towards social networking that will decide the future. Many large corporations are harnessing the power.

For example: GE makes extensive use of YouTube and Twitter to disseminate information. But still the audio files are available without any player. Financial Technologies has provided the option of viewing the presentation on the webpage itself. But the service is proprietary and there are no real sharing or collaborations tools available for the word-of-month option to happen.

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