New windows update can cause PowerPoint to crash

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' Blog Hardware 2.0 (ZD Net) has reported that a patch released by Microsoft Windows KB973815/MS09-037 might cause PowerPoint to crash. This will happen if somebody is trying to access DVD content from the PowerPoint software.

Most of the times, the automatic update function in Microsoft Windows is enabled to download updates without prompting. Microsoft's security bulletin does not have any information that this update causes PowerPoint to crash. The issue has still not been flagged by Microsoft. The security Bulletin on Microsoft TechNet doesn't have references to this issue.

Adrian writes;
Well, basically it’s that the new update kills off the ability to embed Mswebdvd.dll into PowerPoint, causing problems. If you already have the control embedded, the control won’t work and it can cause PowerPoint to crash.

Well nobody would have taken this seriously, if this was not reported by a celebrity Tech Blogger. Adrian runs a highly popular blog - The PC Doctor and is also an internationally published technology author. Some of the books that he has authored includes "Build the Ultimate Custom PC", "Beginning Programming" and "The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide".
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