Save as PDF Plugin for Office 2007

With Microsoft Office 2007 you can now save your presentations, documents and spreadsheets as PDF files without buying the Adobe PDF Professional or any other PDF printing software or drivers.

2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS plugin’s output is of high quality when comparted other free versions. Microsoft is giving this plugin as free of cost. Apart from saving documents as PDF it can save them in Microsoft XPS format as well.
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Most of the free versions like cute PDF, NitroPDF hhave some issues when they convert presentations as PDF. First of all they are unable to handle transparency of objects. Due to this, visual quality of the presentation considerably goes down. The second important issue that saw was specifically related to page size, they can't identify the page size of the presentation automatically and there is a lot of white space which is left out. These issues have been specifically addressed by Microsoft and it remains my preferred choice for converting presentations into PDFs.

Microsoft's version publishes PDF in two formats, a lighter version for online publishing and a standard version supporting commercial printing quality

Adobe Professional gives the option of securing the PDF document. The user can manage the rights of the document, eg: restricted printing, viewing full screen change of Meta / document properties information. But Microsoft’s plug-in doesn’t include this feature. Unfortunately this plugin does not work for Office 2003.

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