Save MS Office Presentations to Google Docs and Manage files on Google Docs with MS Office - OfficSync Plugin for MS Office 2007

Microsoft is planning to launch the web edition of Microsoft Office and Google's doc is becoming popular due to its cloud features. But Google's version of Spreadsheet, Documents and Presentations are still primitive and lack the advance features of Microsoft Office.

Think about this - rather than creating a document and uploading it every time to Google how about tool within Microsoft that automatically synchronizes your documents and presentations. OffiSync exactly does this. They are bringing the power of Google to Microsoft or I wonder the power of Microsoft Office to Google Docs.

With Officsync you can
  • Save your documents online in Google Docs and access them from any computer.
  • Access your files from any computer with or without Microsoft Office.
  • Manage, create and delete Google docs folders right from within Office applications.
  • Add collaborators as you save your file in Google Docs.
  • Open any Google Docs file directly from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Move or copy files between Google Docs folders.
  • Manage your Google Docs file library just as if it was on your own computer.
  • Add collaborators to your documents and manage their permissions.
  • Changes made through Office apply instantly to your Google Docs version of each file.
  • Find any document based on its content using the powerful integrated Google search feature.
  • Switch between multiple accounts (Google Docs and Google Apps) to find your business and personal files in seconds.
  • Communicate with your collaborators right from within your shared document.
  • Send automated notifications to your friends and co-workers to streamline the collaboration process.

So if you are small business or a group who is not using Microsoft Groove for collaboration, then this could be a good alternative for collaboration on office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Media is talking about the marriage between Microsoft and Yahoo! but here is someone who has made a match of Microsoft and Google through their respective office application suites.

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