Using SlideShare for Investor Presentation – Barrick Gold Corporation of Canada has just done that

Barrick Gold Corporation is a large Canadian mining company with operations across five continents. This is not a first of its kind wherein a large corporation has leveraged social media platform for investor communications. Walmart, Omnicom Group, H&M, Verizon are some of the other corporations who have utilized the SlideShare platform.

One can download their previous presentation in PDF format, but the latest one has been uploaded to SlideShare and can be distributed easily. Social Media Optimization is Word-of-Mouth on steroids. Apart from other feel-good things about social media, it hardly costs anything.

How to do this?
  • Create an account with Slideshare
  • Upload your presentation and add suitable tags (to make it search friendly)
  • Once the file is uploaded to the left side the embed tag is generated
  • Just add that HTML code in the webpage and thats it – the presentation is ready
  • This saves a lot of resources (time and software) for companies, one doesn’t have to buy PPT to Flash converter or need expert help on using SlideShare.
  • Slideshare accepts files in PowerPoint (2003 & 2007), Open Office and PDF formats.

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