Powerpoint and Twitter.

Timo Elliott of SAP Web 2.0 has developed an application that integrates PowerPoint with Twitter. This application was developed using SAP Business Objects Xcelsius. To run this application one does not require Business Objects but Microsoft Office 2007 and Adobe Flash.

The usability is not an issue and has wide applications in public meetings where tweets are common. If required, this can be used as a twitter dashboard. There are around 8 modules and can be easily integrated into any deck (depending upon the requirement)
  • PowerPoint Twitter feedback slides
  • PowerPoint AutoTweet
  • PowerPoint Twitter voting — bar charts and pie chart
  • PowerPoint Twitter ticker bar
  • PowerPoint Mood meter
  • PowerPoint Crowd meter
  • PowerPoint Zoom text
  • PowerPoint Twitter update bar
TidyTweet has been integrated to moderate tweets. One can remove inappropirate tweets automatically (swear words) or manually.

To know more about this application or to download please visit: http://www.sapweb20.com/blog/powerpoint-twitter-tools/

Please note: sapweb20.com is the personal blog of Timo Elliott and only contains his personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute any official communication of SAP.

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