Simple bullet points won't work everytime.

Many of the presentation coaches have advised not to use bullet point indiscriminately on every slide. It is believed that the slides with bullet points yield a maximum of 15-25% information recall after five minutes. Imagine what will happen if all the slides have only bullet points.

Also if only bullet points are required then why do we need a presenter?
But here is the catch. Not all presentations are accompanied by the presenter. Most of the presentations end up as on-screen presentation. With advancing technology organizations have started using web conferencing to save on time on travel and costs.

Why not use the slide notes?
Slide Notes is a tool which is often used only by the presentation developers and presenters to store slide related information. The detailed / desired explanation of the slide is most of the time missing.
Moreover when users are going through on-screen presentation they often miss on the slide notes.

While printing slides people tend to select the default option and may not use the slide notes option to print the notes as well.

Whatever may be option, bullet points do work if presented in a memorable manner. Some examples...

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