Presentations on iPad

Integration of PowerPoint with iPad will change the way presentations are shared. Unfortunately the current versions of iPad does not have PowerPoint in it. Also one can't install the PowerPoint for mac in it. In future also we may see a version of Keynote on iPad, but have to still wait to get Microsoft's PowerPoint in it.
But for early adopters still there are some ways to export PowerPoint in iPad compatible formats.

The new features of Office 2010 makes PowerPoint work on iPad easily. One cannot take a PowerPoint file to iPad, nor any change / edits be made using it. However the option to take Video / image outputs makes it more easier. Stills can't be a good option as it cannot include animation. The video outputs produced by PowerPoint 2010 can be exported to ipad and can be played as a regular movie. One may not have the option of using keys go to next slide, but the play and pause button come handy.

So till the official version is released by apple, one has to either use the video or still options to show presentations on an iPad.

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