Twitter Feed Visualization for Events

Event organizers and presenters will love to display twitter feeds that are relevant to them (and which are more specific to events). When twitter was new, a lot of tweets generated during the tech events. But now like Facebook everyone seems to be getting on with twitter.There were only a few options available to display twitter feeds during an event. Visible Tweets comes handy for this cause. With this online application, One can showcase specific twitter feeds on a computer screen, LCD Monitor, Laptop or even a projector or TV. The Man in Blue has created something that organizers will love to showcase.

Here how it works. For example if you are hosting an event (trade-show, birthday party, company get-together, family reunion etc) then you can ask participants to use a specific hash-tag (ex: #eventmum) while tweeting. All these tweets can be displayed in a visually appealing format using

This web application runs on flash and doesnt require any new software to be installed. This can be even used during breaks of a training session or even as a backdrop a trade-show booth. By encouraging users to tweet the biggest benefit is not about the buzz created at the event, but through out the world where people will get to see these updates. Who knows your recommended hash-tag can have the potential of becoming a trending topic. Instead of showing what everybody else is tweeting, you can also show twitter feeds from your account only.

Beware: There is no content moderation feature available for this application. If somebody is intending to play spoil sport by tweeting something nasty, then it is very difficult to stop it.

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